Finding Out Where to Incorporate Your Business

Business owners have two options in terms of where to incorporate their business.  They can opt to register in their home state or in a foreign state.  Both options offer numerous benefits and drawbacks, which is why it is important to consider the pros and cons of registering in your home state or foreign state.

Small businesses will benefit the most from incorporating their company in the state where they operate.  This is referred to as home state of the business.  However, if a business owner decides to register his company in another state, he must prepare the necessary paperwork and pay additional fees to complete the task.

The additional charges for incorporation in a foreign state include:

  • State fees for filing foreign qualification
  • Registered agent service fees
  • Annual fees and franchise taxes in both states, if required

Addition paperwork Where to Incorporate include:

  • Foreign qualification filing with the chosen state
  • File tax return in both states
  • Annual reports in both states

Deciding where to incorporate is important because of the numerous and often costly filing fees associated with foreign qualification.  For business owners who want to simply the process and avoid the added charges, choose to register in their local state rather than in a foreign state.

There are also factors to consider when deciding where to incorporate. Such factors include:

Tax Rates: Determine which is cheaper, the tax rate in your home state or the tax rate in foreign state you want to incorporate your business.

Fees: There are numerous fees associated with incorporation.  Generally, incorporation in a foreign state is more expensive as compared with incorporation in home state.  If you will operate business in more than one state, determine the overall cost for registering in multiple states.

Insolvency: If your corporation becomes insolvent, determine how creditors will be treated under the laws of your chosen state to incorporate.

Legalities: Conducting business in one state is cheaper than incorporation in a foreign state.  In addition, business owners will not be subject to litigation in the courts of a state, which they do not operate business by virtue of having incorporated in that state.

States like Delaware and Nevada are known for their flexible corporation laws, which is why a significant number of business owners think it is the best place where to incorporate.  Delaware is known to cater more to the needs and interest of corporations.  Nevada has an imposed no state personal income tax, no state annual franchise tax, and no state corporate tax on profits.  However, registering for any of these said states will require immense paperwork.

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